Routine Update


Just a quick update from Colorado Springs.  Stryker and I have been doing some very ‘routine’ pack work.  We try and get out as much as we can, but as the weather changes, our opportunity to hike the Colorado Trail (CT) will dwindle.  Much of the trail spans elevations that already have a decent amount of snow.

On that note, one of the training hikes we do is the Jack Quinn’s Running Club route  The route is 5K and Stryker and I walk for as long as time allows. We walked three laps last week.  The great thing about the Jack Quinn’s training hike is that there is always a nice reward after the hike–Guinness!  Additionally, most of the time I can get a buddy or two to walk part of the way with us–shout out to Rob McCormick and Amber Dawn for joining us here and there.

More on the Jack Quinn’s Running Club:  This is a gem for those of you who live in Colorado Springs.  The club meets downtown from 530pm to 7pm EVERY Tuesday of the year.  Basically, you show up on your own, sign in either before or after, then complete the run, walk, half and half, whatever.  Afterwards there are happy hour beers, $1 tacos, comradery, and a few vendors.  After ten events, you qualify for a t-shirt and the database keeps track of how many times you’ve participated.  Pets are welcome and they can even qualify for a bandana after they’ve completed ten events.

Admin note: Unfortunately, due to my transition requirements, Stryker and I will not be able to start the AT until 1 June, which means we are now SOBOs or southbound hikers.  For those of you who don’t know, since the trail takes so long to thru-hike, starting from Georgia and finishing in Maine in November is a bad idea due to weather.  So, we will start in Maine and finish in Georgia.

Cheers everyone and thanks for following us.


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