Almost time…

Most of you should’ve just received a reminder about the blog via text or e-mail.  I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve made an update.  But, you know how it goes, you have a plan and then life happens.  However, now, I’m two days away from starting the AT and my adventure.  Here are some of the things that have changed since my last update:

  1. I’ve decided to start in the north and head south.  First off, due to delays in my retirement schedule for one reason or another (I’ll save you the headache), my schedule was pushed back further than I planned when I originally created this blog.
  2. Secondly, the plan is to walk for three months from Baxter State Park in Maine to Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia.  Overall, it will be 1150 trail miles.  This is just over half the AT.  Now, you might be asking yourself, “Trail miles?”  As I began to plan logistics and do a deep dive into this adventure, I’ve realized that many of my resupply points may require several miles of walking (If we can’t get a ride to and from the trail) into town.  Next, you might wonder why ‘only three months.’  Well, I need to come back in September to tie up some loose ends, first of all the Army/VA medical stuff, next I’ve got a great opportunity to work for an exciting company, and most of all–I’M GETTING MARRIED!  Life is good.
  3.  Finally, Andrew (my son) has decided to join Stryker and I throughout Maine and New Hampshire.  This is great news for many reasons.  I’ll put it to you this way, throughout my Army career, I’ve missed so many bonding opportunities with my son.  I feel like life is giving me back some time.

As far as train-up, Stryker and I have been forced to do local hikes as Colorado has received record snow this year.  For the first time in 20 years, the entire state is no longer in drought.  Some of the hikes we’ve done have been at the Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks Canyon Open Space, and Falcon Trail on USAFA.  I’m feeling pretty good as all of our preparation was at an elevation of 6K feet or higher.

Okay, Stryker and I will fly to Bangor, Maine very early on 4 June.  Andrew will take a later flight that same day.  From Bangor we will bus to Medway and then take the AT lodge shuttle from Medway to the lodge in Millinocket where we will stay prior to starting the 100 mile wilderness on 5Jun.  We will begin at Abol bridge.  Unfortunately, Baxter State Park is closed until 15Jun and with our condensed timeline, we can’t afford to wait to do Mount Katahdin.

Stay tuned.  My next blog will be from Maine!!!

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