Our Gear & First Overnight Hike

Up till now, Stryker and I have went on several short training hikes w/ packs.  The hikes ranged in distance from about 3.1 miles to 7 miles with varying terrain–everything has been super easy so far.  These hikes are in addition to physical fitness training, either gym work, treadmill work, running, or biking.  Stryker runs with me and sometimes, I run him by letting him tag along on bike rides.  I’m doing this to increase his cardio slowly (I can’t challenge him on my feet), but I sure can on my bike.

This weekend, we will go on our first overnight hike.  We will be hiking the Colorado Trail segment one, utilizing the ‘alternate’ dog route.  The entire route will be approximately 19 miles, a good first hike with some real distance.  We will try out our gear and see what works and doesn’t work.  Here’s what we’re carrying on this trip:


REI Flash 65 liter pack (3lbs, 2oz) w/ Osprey 1.5 liter hydraulic (8oz empty)

REI Duck’s Back 60L rain cover (5.5 oz)

REI Half Dome 2+ (Lightweight 3 season tent) 4lbs, 15 oz.

Kelty Tuck Thermapro sleeping bag (rated to 20 deg.) ~2lbs

Thermolite Sea to Summit bag liner (Short) adds 25deg 14 oz.

Thermolight Sea to Summit ultra light sleeping pad ~1lb

Madera inflatable pillow (~5 oz)

Sawyer water filter system (regular) (~6 oz)

Medical Kit (Mountain Series) Hiker 2 people/2days; blister kit; tweezers; nail clippers (~12oz)

Small toothbrush and paste, floss, all-purpose soap

Waterproof matches; combo whistle-compass-thermometer-magnifying glass-signal mirror-led light; lighter; pocket knife; small led light (~8oz)

Headlamp (6oz)

Ben’s Invisinet Mosquito net for head (~1oz)

JetBoil Flash stove w/ 3.5oz can of fuel and spork and coffee press (~1lb)

The Deuce #2 UL trowel (.6oz)

CLOTHES (carried in stuff sack) (3lbs)

Water Proof stuff sack

2 X shirts (KUHL)

3X socks (smart wool)

Gen III lightweight long underwear top and bottom (US Army)

REI hiking pants zip off legs (x1)

PATAGONIA micro puff jacket w/ PLUMAFILL insulation (very light)

KUHL Fleece Jacket

KUHL rain jacket w/ hood

Sea to Summit Air Stream pump sack / waterproof sack

Small phone charger and cords (8oz)

Buff multifunctional head ware (neck gator or hat) (2oz)


KUHL Shirt long sleeve (Wild fiber)

KUHL Hiking pants

Smart wool hiking socks

Brooks Zero Drop Trail Running Shoes

Garmin Pheonix III Watch


My gear

Total Weight w/o water/food (BEER): 19lbs


RUFFWEAR Pack (1.1 5lbs)

REI 48oz water bottle full (3.2lbs)

Collapsible bowl for water/feeding (4oz)

REI Duck’s Back 20L Rain Cover (3oz)

Light up collar made by RUFFWEAR

Waterproof stuff sack (1oz)

Potable Aqua Water purification tabs (1oz)

3X days of food (3lbs)

Stryker's Gear

Total Weight: ~8lbs.

So, these are the basics that Stryker and I will be carrying.  I have to go food shopping/ do a bit of research and then decide how much I want to carry.  Trip planning will shine some light on how often I will need to resupply food on the AT, but for training purposes, I plan to carry 3X days of food, fill my 1.5 liter hydration system, and carry two small bottles of water on my pack (2.5-3 liters total).

Things I know I still need to add to my pack:

chafing wax

AT Book and map

Things I’ve intentionally left out:

Deodorant, razor (YES!!), other hygiene products

Rain pants (I hate wearing rain pants)

Dog booties

Things I know I need to get for Stryker:

biodegradable baggies

Musher’s secret paw protection

If anyone can think of something I’ve missed, please, comment on this post.  The weather is supposed to cool off this weekend in Colorado w/ possible rain and snow; this should be a great test.

Also, a shout out to Mr. Don Caughey, who will be joining me for this first training hike.  Don is a friend of mine, a retired US Army Major, and also the best darn recruiting officer in USACC (cadet command).

My next post will feature a basic run down and pictures of our hike and a relevant gear review.  Cheers!




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