Concept of the Operation


Stryker and I will hike the Appalachian Trail from May to November in 2019 from south to north–starting in Georgia and finishing in Maine.

Purpose: Our purpose is multi-faceted.  First and foremost, this is to be a journey that will serve to help me transition from a life that has been all Army for nearly 27 years to life as a civilian.  I’m hoping that throughout the 2,189 mile journey, I can focus my thoughts and aspirations for what will inevitably be Act II of my life.

Next, I want to honor those that I have served, those that cannot walk along side me and will not make an appearance in Act II.  I will dedicate a state to each Soldier, friend, leader, mentor, brother, that I have served with and lost throughout the years.

Finally, I hope to raise money in support of Camp Hope, The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.  These organizations make a difference.  I hope our efforts will make a difference too.

KEY TASKS (Omitted)


Stryker and I will return to Colorado Springs in November.  We will have completed the AT, honored our fallen comrades, raised some money for charity, and will be ready to begin our new life; a life free of sorrow and regret; a life full of love, acceptance, focus, and aspiration.


This will be a three phase operation: Phase I: Preparation and Training, Phase II Our Hike, and Phase III, Recovery and Reintegration.  Phase I is now underway and will end upon the completion of my military career, which will be highlighted when I get to witness the commissioning of the Mountain Ranger Battalion’s newest 2LTs.  Phase II will begin 12 May at Springer Mountain in Georgia and will end at Mount Katahdin 2,189 miles and many exciting adventures later.  Phase III will begin upon reaching Mount Katahdin and end once Stryker and I are home safely in Colorado Springs.

NOTE: No worries, my blog won’t always be written in this style.  This is just a fun style (OPORD Format) that compliments my “transitioning” state.



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